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Welcome to WorkBootsInsider.com. My name is Patek and I am on a mission to provide you with helpful advice to help you make great choices for your feet, keep your feet safe and work better.

WorkBootsInsider.com was born to provide workers with easy-to-understand advice on skills trade jobs.

I want WorkBootsInsider.com to be special and that’s why I’m committed to myself to make sure regular workers with busy lives and hard jobs can follow our tips.

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patek mille author
Patek Mille

I’m Patek Mille – Founder of Work Boots Insider, I started this blog to help people find the right shoes for their particular job. There are many choices out there. Once you find those shoes that are completely comfortable, practical, and beautiful, you will feel your life change, for the better.

I wanna see that, And that’s how WorkBootsInsider.com was created.

It took me a lot of trial and error to finally create this website and I am so grateful that I had the opportunity to share my thoughts and advice with so many people. In the years since I started, my team and I have helped thousands of people lead happier lives and advance their careers through skilled commercial work.

Today’s internet is filled with cheap and low-quality content. That doesn’t help anyone.

Given that there is so much misinformation regarding advice about commercially skilled employees, me and my team at WorkBootsInsider.com have come up with some simple guidelines that every commercially skilled employee should follow. trade should follow.

This is so I can give you a single place to get advice on your work, without all the confusion you might find elsewhere.

How do we make our articles?

1. We collect questions

We gather all the questions related to a topic. Whether it’s an informative post or a product review, we look forward to answering all questions about it.

2. We do the research

We do extensive research and testing. The goal here is to find all the answers to the questions we collected in the previous step. It took us about 30 to 60 hours to do this.

3. We write articles

Our team of writers get together with our research team and discuss the best way to approach each paper. After everything was figured out, the team of writers wrote the article.

Are you trustworthy?

Due to the nature of our monetization system, we have no incentive to favor any brand or product. On the contrary, we strive to create content that is both valuable and engaging. As explained below, we are part of the Amazon Affiliate program that offers us a small fee for ANY product you purchase on Amazon.com after visiting our website. This way, we won’t make more money if you use one brand or the other because it’s the same for us.

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